What we do



    World Grannary Incorporated (WGI) is engaged in the business of mechanized bulk handling, storage and warehousing for local and imported grains, such as corn, soybean, soybean meal, feed wheat and milling wheat for the local food processing and feed mill industries.


    What We Have


    Storage Facilities

    Four (4) silos with a capacity of 15,000 metric tons (“MT”)

    Six (6) silos with a capacity of 5,000 MT

     Flat warehouse with a 60,000 MT capacity

    Pier Facilities

    Off-shore receiving facilities of up to 18 meters draft; the pier can handle the largest type of cargo ships (Cape Size)

    Unloading Equipment

    Two (2) Ship Unloaders with a total unloading rated capacity of 1,200 MT per hour


    Computer controlled conveyors and plastic bucket elevators will transport and distribute the grains from the cargo ships to the silos and/or flat warehouse. The conveyor system is capable of handling grains up to 1,200 MT/hour and will be fully covered to protect the cargo. 

    Outloading Equipment

    To outload the grains from the silos or warehouse, conveyors with a capacity of 300 MT per hour will be used. Grains may also be outloaded onto trucks or trailers in bulk by using either the truck bin or directly from the warehouse or bagged and loaded directly onto barges/vessels or trucks/trailers. 

    Weighing System

    Cargoes will be weighed by a fully automated bulk weigher rated at 1,200 MT/hour prior to storage in the silos or warehouse. 

    Bagging System

    A semi-automatic bagging system that has a digital weighing system installed in the terminal. It has a rated capacity of 5,000 bags (50kg/bag) per hour

    Our Advantage


    Central Location

    Our facility is centrally located in the Philippines which makes it easier to ship to key markets in the country.


    Terminal's Great Location

    Panamax or Capesize Vessels from the west can unload cargo at the WGI Plant.  Deliver cargo via smaller ships to the surrounding Asian market.

    WGI Plant can serve as storage area for Strategic Stockpile of Grains for the Asian market

    Contact Us

    For Inquiries

    World Grannary Incorporated

    Plant Address: 

    Brgy. Talaan Sariaya Quezon 

    Philippines 4322


    Makati Office:

    15th Floor Trident Tower 

    312 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue.

    Makati City, Philippines 1200

    Phone: (+632) 8812 2328

    Fax: (+632) 8812 5168


    Talaan, Sariaya, Quezon, Philippines